Spotter Day - Kleine Brogel 
On 9 September, the Belgian Air Force organized a spotter-day at Kleine Brogel Airport, which has been done practically in parallel with the International Sanicole Airshow, an event that takes place every year at Hechtel, in the Beverlo Air Base, 15 km far away from the center of Kleine-Brogel. This is a demonstration that began on September 8th (at sunset) and ended with a full day of performances on September 10th
Almost of all participants in the Hechtel event have been relocated into Kleine Brogel's Air Base in the middle of the event, on Saturday,  with the first arrival on September 13th
A bit of history:  
Kleine Brogel (ICAO: EBBL) is a Belgian Air Force military Air Base and is located about 1.5 km east of Kleine-Brogel in the municipality of Peer, Belgium.  
This airport is the home of the 10th Tactital Wing, operating with F-16AM aircraft. 
The Air Base was opened from 9 o'clock in the morning until 5.30 pm, while flight operations started about at 10 o'clock am.  A good part of the aircraft were located along the taxiway, parallel to the main runway. However some of the guests, including the F-16 Turkish and F-16 Greek, were unfortunately parked in the opposite side of the airport and did not stand in front of thousands of spotters, who came from all parts of Europe. 
At 10 o'clock (in perfect time) the Belgian F 16 started to fly-demo followed by a series of touch and go of Belgian Air Force C 130H coming from another air base.  
Following the team Patrulla Aspa (Spanish acrobatic patrol of the Esercito dell'Aire which fly with five EC 120B Colibris helicopters) start demo, followed immediately by helicopter A 109 and NH 90NFH. These helicopter in succession, after a short demo in Kleine Brogel, moved to Sanicole for flight tests in view of the event of the next day.  
About at 11am a formation of only Pilatus (formed by a PC 12, a PC 3 and a PC 7) made some flight-pass over runway, and from 12 am o'clock in sequence the Acrobatics Team started to fly including the Saudi Hawks, the Breithling Jet Team with the L 39, the Royal Jordanian Falcons with the Extra 300,  Turkish AF F 16and Greek fighter aircraft, French Rafale, Mig 29 Polish, Swedish Gripen, Hind of the Czech Republic all directed to Hechtel for the flights test. The static show instead included Italian Frecce Tricolori with MB 339PAN and Patrouille de Swiss with F-5 together with a pair of Swiss AF F 18C, also present on the flight line. Unfortunately together acrobatic patrols and the F 18 did not fly on Saturday but still stand static partially covered with a protective covers. Some various participants in the list have been cancelled: the French Mirage 2000, Awacs E 3A for a technical problem, the German CH  53 and the English Team of Red Arrows. 
The public and photographers in this event have been busy with continuous and varied flying activity throughout all the day. The weather has been quite good, giving a period of plenty good weather and a mite temperature. The organization has been excellent and they have organized a special event for military aviation enthusiasts.
Images and text by Omar Rigamonti, Fabio Radici and Luca Bani 
Produced by Giorgio Ciarini 
September 2017